Video transcription

Hey guys, it is CJ Kendricks, with Got A Dance Atlanta and front man for CJ and the Chronics. Today I am here to show you how to Moonwalk just like Michael Jackson. Now, always looks complicated and people have been looking at this since nineteen eighty-five from Motown thinking, "Wow how does he do that? He is light on his feet, lighter than air." You too can do this. Basic principles of weight distribution and balance involved, check this out. So, when you begin Moonwalking what you want to do is focus on the pivot and the push, the pivot and the push, okay. What that means is as you slide or push your feet or legs you are going to have to pivot the opposite leg to give you some ground to stand on and to some leverage to move through. Check out what I mean by that. Let's start on the left foot, we are going to pivot our left foot from standing position, that simply means take your heal off the ground, then your leg, up on your toe like so, left leg up. As you pivot the left that gives you some leverage and some room and freedom to move the right and what you want to do from there using your hips as well as your thigh and calf, slide your leg back. Try to keep this as smooth and as flat to the ground as possible, but there is going to be a bit of an illusion there where as you have to pick up your foot to get it to move, okay. So we have the pivot, there is your push. You notice at the end of the push I already start to go into my next pivot. There becomes the issue of weight transfer and weight distribution. If I am leaning forward then I cannot slide this leg back. But if I am sitting up straight or standing up straight or leaning back just a bit, it will glide back with me. Okay, and it begins to become smooth and effortless. So once again we start with the left foot, you are going to pivot here on the left and we are going to slide back and glide for about four or five steps, check it out. One, two, three, four, five. Now, there are different ways to stylize and personalize this. If you do this like Michael Jackson you appear to float, his upper body stays completely still, he does not move. If you do it like Usher it is a little more animated there is a little more of a bounce to it. If you do it like Justin Timberlake there is a little swagger to it almost a little Frank Sinatra-esque. Check it out, here are the differences. Smooth, step. Number two, add a little bit of a bounce to it. Kind of push yourself up off of it. And then number three add a little bit of personality, or as I like to say, a little swagger to it. And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Check it out for yourself. Once again let me show you that beat. One more demonstration then we are going to smooth it out and slow it down a bit to make it a lot more animated, check it out.