Video transcription

I'm Monica from Monica's Quilt and Bead Creations in Palm Desert, California and today we're going to learn how to do a spiral beaded necklace. The first thing that you want to do is you want to determine what you are going to start out with. We're just going to show you the simple version of it which is done in a lot of these straps here. You are going to begin with using your nymo thread, synthetic thread that's been heat treated. You're going to start with the core of four beads holding it in your left hand and bringing it down leaving a nice four inch tail. You're going to pick up three outside beads which I call ribs and you're going to take it up all the way through the bottom. Once these beads are attached I always swing my beads to the left picking up one inside bead, one of your cores, three outside beads, your ribs, you're going to bring it all the way down and you go back up through the center of four beads starting from the top, one, two, three, four, take your needle all the way up through those four beads, pull your thread and swing the beads to your left. You'll continue in this manner picking up one bead, three outside beads until you have your desired length. This is one of everyone's favorite pieces to do. We use these for necklaces themselves, straps, all different kinds. Once you learn the basic spiral rope using any size beads you want, these are size six you can use other beads and go back and surface embellish the spiral rope as we've done here with pearls or you can double surface embellish it like we've done with this piece and you can add beads to the outside as you're doing your cores. I have added chips so my count was a little different on this but this is one of our favorites. This is using a smaller bead and that's how we do a spiral beaded necklace.