Video transcription

Hi my name is Diesel and I'm the owner and operator of The best way to wash a car: what I'm about to do is wash this car here. One thing that I recommend again is to try to find a shaded area. It's best for the car. This right here isn't really going to hurt anything. It is more comfortable for you and it doesn't dry the soap as fast but since it's so hot out here what I'm probably going to do is wash a section, rinse it, pardon me, wash this section, rinse it and keep going like that. Alright what we do first is for this particular car this has aluminum wheels so you do not and I stress do not want to use a strong degreaser. You can use it on certain rims like the flex over there. You can use it on those rims. You can use it on chrome rims but not aluminum so the best thing to do is if you know the difference between polished aluminum and chrome just use a mild soap. You'll save yourself a lot of heartache. So the first thing I usually do is I clean the rims really well and then what I do is I spray the car off always starting at the top, working my way to the bottom because gravity of course is the issue and you don't want to wash the bottom of the car and then all the dirty water that you wash with goes and dirties up the area that you already cleaned. So now I have the car fully rinsed off. The next thing I will do is I will take my cotton wash mitts, you can use a sponge if you like, me I actually like to use cotton wash mitts. On this particular car since it has a canvas top on it, you're not supposed to wash canvas with soap. They have different cleaners for that so I'm actually going to start on the hood area and basically just do like that. It's nothing hard. You shouldn't have to use a lot of elbow grease unless you have something in the paint that doesn't come out and if you do that's usually what polishing and waxing is for anyway. Definitely because it is so hot out here you definitely want to rinse as you go. Don't try to rush this job because you can be careless and actually scratch the paint if you get something in your sponge or your mitt so you really want to take your time. Once again like anything else you want to make sure you use clean towels, clean sponges and I'm about to dry the car off, I have clean shammies. If your shammies are dirty rinse them off. Always rinse off your shammy between cars anyway. You don't want to really carry dirt on the shammy and rub it on the car because then you are going to end up having fine scratches in your car. You're going to have to buff the car out if it doesn't need it. Once again we didn't wash the top of the car because there is another step that you could do to clean canvas but I am going to dry it off so I can do that stuff later. Then we actually go to the actual paint of the car. Once again taking your time. Don't use a lot of elbow grease especially in the sun, dry your shammies off as necessary. A lot of people use terry cloth towels. I don't like terry cloth towels because they leave lint on the car and if you have once again a car like this, a show car or an exotic car or just a car that you just don't want to have lint on it's not good to use terry cloth. I would always use a leather shammy or they even have man made shammies which are really good now also.