Video transcription

How to train using a dog whistle. A dog whistle is just another prop or thing that ideally a dog can hear better than some kind of other command. You would select different sounds for the whistle, you know a couple of staccato bursts or a long draw, and kind of like Morse code. And decide what individual thing meant for each you wanted the dog to do. And then with a dog who already has commands like sit or down or come, and most dogs come initially when they are called as long as we don't accidentally teach them not to. Then all you have to do is start substituting you know ask for the behaviors or the position that you would like to teach. And then add the whistle, and then slowly fade the other commands so that the whistle then works for the command just like the word formally did. And you can use them interchangeably. So for example, lady knows how to sit, okay lady. Good girl. So I might get my whistle out and go sit. Good girl, and then come here. Eventually get to a point where I just whistle. Lady, come here. Lady, good girl. And by that way then you would eventually get to the point where the whistle would be the command.