Video transcription

Hi my name is Jesse Shale and I'm the head football coach here at Miami Christian School in Miami, Florida. In this clip we're going to give you some training drills for youth football. We're going to cover the basics, blocking, tackling and running and these are things it doesn't matter what you run, offensively, defensively, you need to know how to do these and it starts at the youth level making sure you get these things down. So we're going to start with tackling which is probably very underrated but is one of the most important skills we can learn. Now as we work with tackling we can work this against another player or against the tackling dummy or even a coach with a bag. In any case we want to make sure we have proper form so here's a couple of drills we can do. First we're just going to hit and wrap up. That way we make sure we have proper form. So we're going to take two steps, wrap up and make sure we have a good arch in our back and our face where the ball would be, OK? So here we go, set, hit, two steps, wrap up and we've got a good arch in the back. Here, let's do this again. Set, hit. We want to make sure we have good balance, our feet are basically lined up with each other and we want to make sure we have this good curve in the back in much of the same that you would if you were doing a squat in the weight room or even a power clean or something like that. OK go ahead and relax. After that point you do another drill where you would have your person line up, he would wrap up and then drive and that would complete the drill. Set, hit, step, wrap up and now he's driving with his feet, relax, OK. And this is important that we keep the back with a good arch and the feet are always driving, that's tackling. Let's move on now to running. What we're going to do with this is move our player back just a little bit. We're going to work on receiving a hand-off and then running into the defender. That's why we have this pad setup, it's probably better that you have a coach with a pad, that way you can show different resistances but what you want to stress to your runner is that when the ball is handed off to him, the elbow that's closest to the ball is up, is always up. So every time he receives the hand off, if it's on this side, this elbow should be up to receive it and then as he receives it he comes down over it. Same thing, if he comes on the other side, the ball comes on the other side, this elbow is now up to receive it, OK? So I'm just going to run him through, he's going to get in a good athletic stance and as I say set hit, he's going to run over the ball with the correct elbow up and then run and give a good shoulder to the dummy pad. Set, hit. And that's a good attack, that's a good arm movement and that's a good approach with running the football. The last thing we're going to show you is blocking, very underrated. No one gets glory for blocking. So we've got our player in the same position he was when we were doing our tackling drills. He's going to get into a good athletic stance again, a three point stance which means one hand on the ground and we're going to do a form drill where he's just going to step and give an initial punch to the dummy. Set, hit. And we're going to do that over and over again then what we'll do is we'll go from the form to the hit and drive. Set, hit. This has been coach Jesse Shale, thanks for watching.