Video transcription

Hi I am Pete with Greenhouse Pest Management, we are Atlanta's true natural pest control company. How to kill dust mites with steam. That is one of the treatments that we actually implement when we are dealing with dust mites in people's homes. The biggest thing that we have got to understand is the biology and the habits of them. Dust mites, the majority of the time that they are going to harbor when they are in young stages is actually right underneath this carpet. Right where the carpet starts to nap together is where dust mites will start to nest. And what they do is when they are in the larva stage how they develop their cocoon is they start using that debris, and that dirt and everything that is underneath this carpet. And they just tend to roll, and they create this cocoon before they actually come out as a mite. So one of the techniques we use is we use a vacuum cleaner that agitates this carpet, and starts to break down all that soil and that debris that sits in that carpet, and sucks it up. The next step we do after we do that is we tend to use a steam cleaner. Steaming the carpet itself, and we are going to pull up all that loose debris. Once again the secondary step into eliminating the dust mites that are sitting in the carpet. The best way to eliminate dust mites is really to hire a professional to do it. The equipment is just way too expensive for a homeowner to invest in. But there are techniques about pulling moisture out of the fabric, pulling moisture out of the carpet that is going to be the key to eliminating your dust mite issues.