Video transcription

Hi, I'm Pete with GreenHouse Pest Management. We're Atlanta's number one true natural pest control company and today we're going to be speaking about Boxelder bugs and we're going to be speaking about Stink bugs. Boxelder bugs; Boxelder bugs is very consuming, don't get them confused with Milkweed bugs, a lot of people do. It's completely two different treatments. But the biggest thing is we've got to understand and the habits of Boxelder bugs and Stink bugs and we know that Boxelder bugs and Stink bugs are plant feeding, they're organic feeding, sapsuckers, they pull the nectar right out of leaves, they feed on the seedlings, from trees. But here's the thing, Boxelder bugs are common inside homes because there's a huge overcrowding. These crack and crevices right here are going to be a perfect harborage for Boxelder bugs. So an ideal treatment is to use residual pesticides and get them into these cracks and crevices and actually underneath these sidings, if there's gaps underneath these sidings. And they're always going to be focusing on the sunniest portion of the home. Now when we're dealing with Stink bugs, we're looking at Stink bugs and sitting there saying, okay well, they're common invaders inside of homes. They're most commonly found on ground level windows, so, or ground level floors, so one of the things that we need to look for is where there's high moisture areas, where shrubs are actually attached to the homes, and usually cut back the shrubs away from the homes and use a good residual product for the perimeter of your home. For the Boxelder treatment the products that we use are botanical oils, Oils that are derived from citrus fruits, botanicals, and even minerals from the earth. Unfortunately the homeowner can not purchase those, these things are licensed through the Department of Agriculture, but you can go to your local store and purchase some products there on what you need. So some of the things that we're going to be using is a fan tip and we're just going to go ahead and enter the system in, or enter the pesticide into the structure, so it'll leave a residual so when actual Boxelder bugs come out during the day, they're going to actually pick up the actual pesticide products that are in it.