Video transcription

Hi I'm Eric with the World of Wet Pets Tropical Fish in Portland, Oregon and I'm here to demonstrate how to remove oxidation from aquarium glass. Now think of oxidation as hard water deposits like on dishes or in your shower. It's usually lime or calcium build up that'll happen up around the top edge of your aquarium on the inside or more commonly we see it on the surface glass. Okay? The easiest way to remove this is with a fresh good straight razor blade and a little bit of work. If you just go at it right across the surface from one side to the other most comes off very, very easily and it's very, very clean. You can also, in cases where it's very, very hard, you can wet the surface and do it with the razor blade. It may come off a little bit easier. In some instances where it's very, very hard we can use vinegar to help to break it down a little bit further. Keep in mind that this is an aquarium so we generally don't want to use any chemicals so the things that you would normally use in your kitchen or bathroom for this problem you don't want to use in an aquarium. So take the time, use a razor blade.