Video transcription

Hi I'm Eric with the World of Wet Pets Tropical Fish in Portland, Oregon and I'm here to demonstrate how to set up an air pump for your aquarium. There are many sizes of air pump. Once you've decided which size is appropriate for your needs you will need some vinyl hose. And it's a good idea to pick up a check valve as well. If the pump is lower than the water level of the aquarium and the power goes out water can siphon from the aquarium into the pump. So a check valve will prevent that from happening. The check valve goes just after the pump. And make certain it goes the right direction. They only go one way obviously to keep the water from flowing backwards. So you'd just want to make certain that you can blow through it once you have it set up. At the other end you can put an air stone or if you're using it for multiple tanks or other applications you can run it into a gang valve. This will split the air and send it several different directions. These are often used if you're using your air pump for under gravel filters. Okay? Once you have it all together it just slips right on the end of the pump. We plug the pump in and we can drop in our air stone.