Video transcription

Hello I'm Jacklyn Laflamme from I'm here on behalf of the Broward Art Guild. In this clip I'm going to show you how to paint smoke on canvas. We're going to start off with the darker colors first. So, we're going to take our brush and do a half moon shape, half moon shape, half moon shape, half moon shape. As you can see I'm putting the darker colors towards the bottom edge. Then we're going to dip the brush into some white paint and just start blending various shades of gray, various shade of gray, various shades of gray. So you just keep doing the half moon circles over and over again. Basically smoke is just made out of black and white. Now I'm going to start adding some white and as you can see, I'm going to just blend the darker shades of black to the white. You're going to want to get several different shades of gray in there and you just keep repeating these half moon circles, half moon circles until you get your colors. Then you can take a smaller brush and you can do smaller, smaller circles and just start working in the detail and really start blending those blacks and whites together. And as you're working just keep going in those little circles, add a little bit more white if you want to lighten certain areas, think about where the light would be hitting the smoke. Then you can always go back to the black and just highlight the bottom so you see how this white portion here just pops right off the canvas and creates a little bit of dimension. So you just keep on going and going and then if you want, you can always add some little billows going up at the end so that the smoke is just looks like it's going to be rising into the sky and a little bit more white. This is Jacklyn Laflamme, thank you for watching.