Video transcription

I'm Eric with the World of Wet Pets Tropical Fish in Portland, Oregon and I'm here to demonstrate how to clean aquarium ornaments. Generally over time most ornaments in aquariums will start to lose their bright colors and definition of pattern with the growth of algae and other substances on them. Periodically we will want to clean them. So like our dragon here who is normally bright orange with white wings we would take an algae pad like we would use on our glass and we can take and we can scrub down to the color. In many cases that's all it takes. In ornaments that have finer areas we can use a brush with a nylon and scrub out areas to clean those up as well. Many types of brushes will have different sizes for different areas. And it's all fairly easy. Most ornaments including plastic plants and silk plants can also be bleached. This is a very, very important way of going about it. If we have a silk plant that has some algae growth on it we can bleach them and get them to brighten up so that they are bright and shiny. The bleach solution should be done in a separate container, a pitcher or a bucket. Just a mild bleach solution. A couple of cap fulls to a quarter cup or so of bleach to just tap water. Generally soak them until the coloration of the algae is gone and you're back to your bright colors. And then we will generally soak them in a dechlorinator solution. Using the same solution you use to neutralize your tap water will also neutralize bleach. So we'll take the ornaments out of the bleach, we'll rinse them off and we'll soak them in the dechlorinating solution. Rinse them again. At which point they should smell bleach free and they should be able to go right back in the tank. Be bright and shiny.