Video transcription

Hey, it's Rokosz! Your digital lifestyle expert here with some information on how to get your contacts off your SIM card. Well, let's talk about a SIM card right off the bat. SIM card is this little guy here, it stands for subscriber identity module. Okay? But what does that mean? Well, basically, on this is a little brass chip and on that chip is stored your information as a subscriber to your network or identifies you specifically and also tells what country you're operating in or when it was assigned and also the original carrier assigning the chip is. SIM card can also store contacts on it. Now, you've got it on there and you want to get it off. There's a couple of ways to do this. In fact, there are so many ways to do it it's specific to devices so I'm going to give you some options and some how to's on various different ones. So,for instance if you're using an iPhone which is AT&T and does use a SIM card, the best way is it's backed up to a third party system, i.e. iTunes it's backbone and or the Mobile Me so the contacts are really not locked in here. If you've got another phone in you're simply transferring it, well, it's just as easy as taking this card out of the old handset and putting it into the new handset. That would transfer contacts, it's actually coming from it. There are no good or inexpensive commercially available SIM card reader so you just can't stick it into a port in your computer or by an adapter very easily, the phone itself is that. So, what you're looking for is a lot of times the phones will come with a piece of software and something you put in your computer and its contact management system allows you to export your contacts and import them into outlook manager and export them back to the phone and access the protocol. Certain phones will use that third party software. Still others that don't have that third party software offer a on line back up or a secured back up of it, usually something you pay for so your character your carrier T-Mobile , your Sprint will allow you to back up to their network so every time you buy a new handset or phone you can simply move it on there. Another option to do it is to simply take your old headset and/or SIM card in your new handset and/or SIM card to your retailer, you're selling your retailer provider and ask them to move it for you. So, before you can actually execute one of the procedures you're going to decide which one yours is supposed to do. Here's another warning for you. Sometimes people misinterpret SIM cards which actually have this little piece on it, they'll usually have the name of your carrier on it from Micro SD cards. If you got things backed up or saved to a Micro SD card which does not look all that different than the SIM card here, well, that's actually more than SD card, you can put that into an adapter and put it directly into your computer's SD port but it's different than we're talking about. So, remember, the ways to do it is either use the piece of software that came with the phone to have it already backed up using an iTunes or to go ahead and take this SIM card yourself, replace them to a new phone and if all else fails, go down to your local service provider and ask them to do it. So, there's no easy way depending on the make and model of your phone, you'll be able to find the answer for you. I'm Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert saying, good luck!