Video transcription

When driving at night it's always nice to see where you are going. And the key to safe night driving is proper headlight alignment. So that is what we are actually going to take a look at today is the procedure for actually properly aligning your headlights. Well the first steps that we need to do in headlight alignment is to look on the headlight, and see if we can come up with what the numbers are that we are suppose to set out adapters to. And on this particular headlights we have 19V and 21H. The 19V refers to nineteen steps of vertical, and twelve steps of horizontal. So we will get out our headlight adjustment equipment, and first off adjust them to the numbers that the headlights themselves say. The next step is we will take those numbers that we have got from the headlights, and actually take and transfers those to the tool itself. In this case I have set the vertical adjustments both the nineteen, and the horizontal adjustment to twelve. Now I am ready to install the headlight measuring device onto the vehicle itself. The headlight alignment tool actually is held on to the front of the headlight with a suction cup, and the adapter has to mount, and go on top of these calibrated bosses to properly align the headlight. So I will put the adapter on top of the bosses, push the suction cup up against the polycarbonate, pull back on the trigger, and that is holding that. I just have to repeat that for the other side, and then we will be ready to adjust headlights. Now that we have mounted the headlight ambers on the car, we have lowered the car down on to the ground so that we can actually make the adjustment. It is important that it be on a level surface. So what we are going to do first is we are actually going to adjust the burglar adjustment so that the bubble in the vial is level. And I will turn that, bring the headlight up until that is level. The next step is to do the horizontal adjustment, and for that I change to the horizontal adjustment. And I have to look down through the square hole into the hole where I can see the other headlight adjusting thing, and I adjust this screw until the two split mirrors actually line up. And that is all there is to it we just need to repeat this process for the other side.