Video transcription

Hi, today I'm here to show you how to scan a document. Scanning is used, basically the process of taking hard copy such as this and scanning it in to your computer basically digitizing it and transforming it in to a format that your computer can readily use whether it be scanning a photograph to edit in photo shops, scanning art work to use in a program like Corel Paint, you know to add color, take things away maybe make some other changes. Or you can use what's called object character recognition, which is a technology that you can use to scan text in to a format that is readily editable such as Microsoft Word. And of course to do this you're going to need a scanner. Most scanners have a wide variety of functions in terms of output. This one for example will scan to its proprietary HP provided program. It will scan to a TIF to photo shop, scan a JPEG, scan to email, scan to OCR or even to PDF. Not all scanners have this level of functionalities. Some scanners will only scan to give you two or three maybe four different options. Most these days will give you at least three. If you encounter a very old scanner you might only have one or two and that might require a special program that comes bundled with a scanner. But if you go out and buy one today, it's going to have a least a couple of the options that are on this unit. To start the scanning process, take your document open the top of the scanner, you'll want to place the document face down. Most scanners will have a set of arrows or guides that will prompt you to align to that. For example, and there's also an additional marker here for letter scans, for eight and a half by eleven sheets of paper. Once it's aligned properly hit the start button. The scanner may take a moment to warm up. Once it does, it will begin the scan process. Now we're holding the lid open here so that you can see what it would look like. Normally you want to close the lid. The light you see is actually the scanning device for reading the paper, piece by piece, line by line. And from there you'll be able to manipulate or save the document as you see fit, your favorite program. And that's how you scan a document.