Video transcription

Let's talk about how to remove plaque from dog's teeth. Now, what is plaque? Plaque is a substance that forms on top of the teeth in dogs from bacterial build up. It's very very common and all dogs are going to get that so before tartar can build up which is that fit concrete-like substance, plaque has to form. So, removing plaque and keeping dog's teeth clean is very very important in preventing tartar build up. The first thing is feeding a dry food instead of a canned food, that's going to be much better for your dog's oral health and also toys and bones and things that are dental approved are also good at helping remove or control plaque. But if there is some plaque or if you're trying to just clean teeth and the best way honestly is using a finger brush or toothbrush kit approved for dogs. Now, you can get these at your veterinary clinic or pet stores and what it does it allows you and teaches you how to gently brush your dog's teeth which is what removes plaque in the first place. So, doing that weekly or as much as you can honestly is going to prevent plaque from building up and therefore preventing tartar which when tartar starts building up that's very difficult to remove and that also leads to gingivitis as well which is gum inflammation.