Video transcription

Let's talk about how to clean tartar off a dog's teeth. Now, tartar basically is a hard concrete like substance that usually builds up especially on the molars in the canine teeth and older dogs. Now, dogs develop tartar because of bacterial build up that create plaque and then harden minerals under the surfaces of those teeth and so as dogs get older especially if they're eating the canned food they're going to have a lot more build up of tartar and it can be difficult to remove. Now, there are certain treats and chew toys or chew bones that can help potentially remove some tartar off these teeth as they chew. The best way to actually remove tartar is to have your veterinary clinic perform a dentistry on your pet and what they can do is get in here with a dental drill and scale all these tartar off of these large teeth here and then posh them up just like you will get your teeth posh up at your dentist. At home it's very difficult to actually remove tartar manually. Now, you can use finger brushes and brush kits and things like that to keep the gums healthy and to keep more plaque and more tartar from building up but actually removing that hard calculus tartar is very difficult but there are some chew toys or chew bones that can assist you and at home. If not, a dentistry is your best bet to get that removed.