Video transcription

Hello my name is Brent Miller and I am a Master Plumber and today we are here to talk about how to replace an overflow tube in a toilet. That is what I have right here. I have a new one and you can buy these at your local hardware store and they're typically only about $6 maybe up to $8 depending on the brand and they make different kinds but they all look generally the same and here is what I have a new one right here in my hand and what you are going to want to do is you'll want to drain all the water from your water closet which is the bowl, the tank right behind the, in the back of your toilet. You'll want to get all the water the best you can and how you get most of it out is just turn off the water and then flush the toilet and most of it will go out but there will still be a little bit down in the bottom and you can either take a rag or a paper towel or something and soak up what you can. That way you get the minimum spillage on the water, on the floor because what's going to happen is you're going to have to remove the toilet to get that job done and how you remove the toilet is once you get all the water out you'll need a flat bladed screwdriver coming in from the top and then underneath you'll use a 7/16's inch open ended wrench or ratchet, whatever you prefer. Then once you remove both bolts then, and then remove the supply line which is over to the left you will be able to remove the water closet off the back and then once you have the water closet off you will be able to see this nut on the bottom and you will be looking at it kind of from this angle right here. You would want to remove that nut. It is generally pretty easy to do and then you'll do that and you'll pull it out and then you'll put the new one back in and then you'll put this right here and you'll screw this back on top just like that and after you do this you will remove this old one and this will go over top of it and this is the seal that seals between the water closet and the actual bolt portion of the toilet. Then you'll get that on top and you'll just simply, after that's in place you'll simply reattach this chain to the handle which is pulled up in order to flush the toilet and it is, automatically the weight pushes it back down when the water is gone and then you should have eliminated your overflow and the overflow tube comes in from right here and this is where the water, the water goes down through here and actually enters the bowl area of your toilet.