Video transcription

Hello my name is Ralph Papa of, and today we are learning about acrylic painting. In this clip I am going to give you some shading techniques on an acrylic painting. We have basically the tree here with a background of the sky, and the green grass. But we don't have a accent of where the light is coming from. So one of the things when you are going to do shading is first figure out which way the light is coming from. In this case I am going to assume that the light is coming from over here. Almost where my face is so that this side of the tree will be highlighted in a brighter color. So here I am going to take a lighter brown, and highlight this side of the tree so that the sun is hitting there, and also we will probably have a little bit on the under side of these branches maybe out here, a little bit in here. And then we are going to darken the other side of the tree, because the sun would be hitting it less over there. So we could take this side, and create, just dragging the brush down with the acrylic brown paint on it, and darkening that side. We can darken some of the branches on this side of the tree with not getting the light. And then the only thing we didn't have now is the shadow. We'd have to cast a shadow of the tree going that way, and you are going to use a darker color of the green grass for that. So here we are going to take a darker color of the green, and just cast off the shadow maybe like this, and blend it you know into the area here like. Suggesting that that's the shadow of the tree with the sun hitting it on this side casting a shadow there, and we've got the highlight on the left side. That's a basic shading technique. And with that I'm Ralph Papa, and thank you for watching.