Video transcription

Hello my name is Ralph Papa from and today we're learning about acrylic painting. In this clip I'm going to show you how to paint a water lily on a canvas. We already have the surface of the water done with a blue and a little white for highlights reflecting the clouds. So now I'm just taking a little green which I mixed with some white and yellow and I'm just going to suggest a lily pad and I'm just going flat on the surface just suggesting the shape of the lily pad. And as they get closer to me, they would be larger. That gives you the feeling of distance where back here it might just be a small shapes, but over here we'd have the suggestions of them being larger. We might put one in right down here but very large and shape it up like the stem of a lily pad would be. Now we can come back on the edges of the lily pads and highlight some of it in yellow or gold so it's just not green alone, we can highlight the edges and make them stand out just a little more. We can add some darker tones to it with blue and green and give it some other textures in there too as well. So we can place them around and just step back sometimes and just get a feeling for we get in the distance that we feel it's given us, a convincing feel of distance. Now what's missing, we got the lily pads, we can probably even put some with some stems up and create some flowers as well. Once again this has been Ralph Papa and thank you for watching.