Video transcription

Hi everybody! I'm Cherie Huet and today I'm going to show you baby shower games for boys. Anyone who has every diapered a baby boy knows that you have to be equipped before he springs a leak. Ask guests to choose as teammate or assign teams. Give each team a large water balloon, a diaper and pins. If you use cloth, disposable spine, a straight pin and a blindfold. Have one person in each team put on the blindfold and hold the diaper. On your command the second teammate will poke a small hole in the water balloon. Direct her blindfolded partner on where to place the diaper. The first team to finish wins. Blues used to decorate boy's rooms and also to dress them up in a pretty blue as well so we know they're baby boys. Use that as a theme throughout your baby shower. Place several blue baby items, a pair of booties, a rattle or pacifier on a tray. Leave the tray in a prominent place however do not call any attention to it. When you're ready to play the game remove the tray from view. Hand everyone a pen and paper and then ask them to write down as many items on the trays they can remember. The person with the most correct answers wins. Hope you all enjoy that. Again that was baby shower games for boys and I'm Cherie Huet.