Video transcription

Hi everybody I'm Cherie Huet from Cherie Makes Cakes and today I'm going to show you some fun cake decorating ideas for kids. A really fun easy cake decorating idea and something that you can do with kids is to use candies, different kinds of candies. We have marshmallows, some little round SweeTARTS, Mike and Ike's, M & M's, jelly beans anything like that. What I'm going to do right here, this is a Fruit Roll Up and this is actually a little dusting bag again you can get something like this at a craft store. It is filled with a mixture of corn starch and powdered sugar. You can use both or one or the other either way and just simply lightly dust your surface. I have a nice Plexiglas surface that helps me to roll things out. You can also do this with gum drops, gummy bears, anything licorice and roll it out so that it's nice and thin. You can do all different kinds of things. We can make hair from this. We can actually use cut outs and create flowers, eyes, whatever we need so this is just an easy thing. Of course mom would probably want to do this for the kids prior to setting up our cupcake decorating table. There you go so that makes it now easier. The cornstarch actually helps it to come off of that surface and makes it a little bit easier to deal with so that it's not sticking to your fingers and as you can see it just rubs right in so you don't have to worry about the white actually making difference to the appearance other than maybe making it a little more mat. So now that we have rolled our Fruit Roll Up out nice and thin it is very easy we're going to make hair, we're going to make hair with this so I am folding this in half and just using regular household scissors. I don't want to keep those pieces together. Obviously that will stick together, maybe fold it in half again and then just simply cut strips and then these can be laid at the top of the cupcake in layers to make hair. Then you'll have a nice little pile of hair to work with, just like that. So we want to make this really fun, really easy and not just for the kids but also for mom's. We're going to start with a store bought cupcake. This one obviously has come as a rose design. We don't necessarily want that so it's very easy to just simply take a spatula or a knife whatever you have and just smooth out the icing on the cupcake. What we're going to do is then dip the edges of our cupcake into a little colored sugar so just simply roll te edge of your cupcake. There's a lot of icing on this don't want it to fall off. Boy somebody is really going to enjoy this cupcake and then also have items like this. Here is our hair that we've cut out of Fruit Roll Ups and different candies and things like that so the kids can create whatever they like and put a mound of candy on top, they can create faces. Well thanks for joining me everybody. I hope that you enjoyed fun cake decorating ideas for kids.