How to Make a Diaper Cake

Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tawana Henderson, owner and coordinator of Dreams Come True. I'm here to talk to you about how to make a diaper cake. Now the supplies you will need to make a diaper cake will be first of all the disposable diapers. You might to get at least 50 disposable diapers. You can use either small or the medium size would work best, probably the small ones will work even better. You want to use a, get a plate or a platter or you can purchase one of the cardboard disposable ones that they sell at the party store you can pick up one of those. Another thing you want to use, you can use, get a bottle or any type of cake topper that you want to use. And then just miscellaneous little baby items like a comb or brush and I'll tell you about what we're going to do with those toward the end. Another thing you're going to need is some narrow ribbon strip. Also you're going to need some curly ribbon. You need a pair of scissors and some adhesive tape. Now I've already pre-wrapped the disposable diapers but I'm going to show you how to use, how to wrap the diapers. Now here's a diaper and as you see they have printed on the sides. If you decide you want your cake to be all white, the only thing you would need to do is simply turn the diaper inside out and then roll it with that direction. But I'm going to stay with rolling it on the printed side. And the easiest way you want to start rolling with the open end and just roll it toward the close end as such. Then once you get it rolled, you can either use tape or you can use the curly ribbon, I recommend using the curly ribbon simply because the tape if you use the tape sometimes once the mother is taking these loose, then sometimes it tears the, it tears the diaper. So you want to get your ribbon, just tie it really little tight here, just tie it in a knot so to secure so it won't come loose there. Just tie it in the center of the diaper here. OK. Now when you get ready, once you have all your diapers wrapped, and you can kind of just wrap each one and kind of put it to the side. And another thing that I always do is that I cut the ribbon, maybe about 6 to 8 inches of curly ribbon but you can kind of practice with that. You want to cut a little strip out and then you can just measure that and cut all the rest of the ribbons from that same one that way it will be the same size. Now, when you're putting, when you're getting your cake put together it's going to be in layers and you get to decide whether you want to have two layers or if you want to use a three layer cake. This particular cake is going to be a three layer. Now unless you have another pair of hands or some helping hands, the easiest way is to grab about four or five diapers and you want to secure them with that once inch narrow ribbon that way it makes it a lot easier because if you try to secure all of them at one time, they get to moving around a lot on you. So we have the center secured here of the bottom. Take the one inch ribbon and you're going to put it around the center. Now if possible, you want to try to cover up usually where you made the tie up, you want to try to have those towards the inner of the cake, that way they're not showing. And then you want to take your ribbon and if possible like I said you want to try to tie it around the other white ribbon. And you get it really tight, get a real tight grip on it, get your tape and just tape it on there. And then now you have your, you have your the bottom layer. Now another thing you want to do, you want to get some double sided tape, you can use, I would use double sided and the regular Scotch tape. The double sided you would use that when you're securing it. You want to secure this bottom one, just put a few strips on your platter or plate or cardboard or whatever you're using. So you want to place it on the platter and just press down on it. Just kind of press down, that way it doesn't slide all around over the plate. And then next we're going to take our second layer here and this has already been tightened with the ribbon and even the one inch layer. Same thing here. You want to get a couple, oh I'm sorry, you want to get the double sided tape right here and you don't want, make sure you don't put too much tape on it because when the mom is disassembling this, you don't want here to tear the diapers because you want her to be able to use these diapers for the baby. Once again you're going to place this in the center, press down just to secure it. Now this particular one has a few little of the baby items attached on here already. And lastly, we're going to take the top layer. Now sometimes isn't that really necessary that you secure it? Because a lot of times when you put it on your centerpiece, it's not, when you have it on your table it's not going to be moving around or you don't have to worry about cutting into this particular cake. So you can just place your top layer just right above that one. Now for your, before you put the cake topper on, and this is just an option that I chose to use because sometimes if your ribbons are maybe not quite, if you like it with just one layer of the thin and you can use whatever color scheme that you're working with, however you can also get some of the streamers and a lot of times they have streamers with the baby decor on it. And you can just for an added look here. Now here we have all of our layers already decorated here. We're going to just put a couple of more little baby items and you have it just different size because the cake you're going to be going all around so you got your comb, your brush, you got your rattler, pacifier, just different little baby accessories. And just for the cake topper I've chosen to use a bottle here. And with the bottle, I'll sit it down here. Put any type of candy that you like. Just fill the bottle up with Jelly Beans and of course or you can just leave the bottle empty, it's not necessary but mom always likes a little treat. Then we want to put the baby bottle back on and there you have your baby diaper cake.

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