Video transcription

Hello, I'm Dr. Christine Portfors. I'm an Associate Professor in the School of Biological Sciences, at Washington State University, Vancouver, and today, we're here to talk about, what does bat feces look like? Well, if you don't know what feces means, it means poo to begin with, and it looks, depending on the type of bat, it looks pretty much like what mouse poo looks like, little brown pellets. Now, if the bat tends to be a fruit eating bat, then often the feces is a little bit runnier, and sometimes you can actually see the seeds embedded in the feces, and depending again on what type of bat it is, you can sometimes see insects parts. If you dissect the feces underneath a microscope, if it's a bat that's been eating insects, you can see little wing bits, and little bones, and stuff from the animal that happens to be its prey, but if you're walking around and you think that you've got bats living in your house or in your attic, and you see accumulations of little brown pellets, just like what most pellets would look like, but they're all kind of concentrated together, that's what bat feces looks like.