Video transcription

Hi I'm Jan. Today I'm going to give you some ideas on how to join yarn in crocheting. What I'm going to do is add some yarn to this existing piece of crochet. I know a lot of you out there I've heard never ever tie knots in your work but trust me it's o'kay if you do. There's a lot of great designers out there, Lily Chin, Chris Bylsma, they say it's o'kay to tie knots so it's o'kay with me too. So just grab the yarn, pull it through. It's easier to work with it if you just tie a little half knot before you start crocheting. That way the yarn doesn't slip out and the tail doesn't slip out. If you don't like the knot when you go back to do your finishing, take the knot out and weave the ends in, no one will ever see it but you'll be happier with working it if you've attached it before you start working. I'm Jan from the Yarn Company in Palm Desert, California. Those are my ideas on attaching yarn to your crocheting.