Video transcription

Hi I'm Jan. I'm going to talk to you today about crocheting animals. There's lots of different ways and patterns out there on crocheting animals but they're all basically kind of start with the same thing. They start with the body that is a tube or a circle, the head that's a tube or a circle and you crochet those, you sew them together. You stuff them with some sort of stuffing, polyfill and then you add different arms or legs or ears that make them look them different, from a rabbit would have long crocheted ears and a bear might have short little brown crocheted ears. The bodies are a lot the same. It's a great way to have fun with your crochet pieces. The octopus starts with your basic circle, then you create the eight tubes that you have stuffed and then sewn on to the body, add some eyes, a little mouth, smiley face, little cheeks and you have got a happy octopus. To make your crocheted animals you usually start with most of the body pieces by making a circle or ball shaped piece so cast on two stitches chain two stitches, six single crochets in the second stitch from the hook, three, four, five, six. Then you can make the little circle. Now I work two single crochets in each single crochet around so in this stitch I'll work two stitches and in the next stitch I'll work two stitches all the way around. So you get the idea, following your directions you'll create a bigger and bigger circle piece based on what your animal is and following the directions for your pattern. I'm Jan and these are some ideas on how to crochet animals.