Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jan. Today I'm going to show you how to crochet letters or words onto a crocheted blanket. The one great thing about a crocheted blanket is when you're done with it, you actually have little squares. So any sort of needle work, pattern that you might want to use, you can use with the crochet. You can take a piece of graph paper and graph out any words or designs that you want. And then you can put it onto your crocheted piece. A couple of different ways to do it. Like other needle work, you can do it with cross stitch. Not exactly my favorite. It's OK, but it's a little more rustic and it doesn't look so great on the back. You can actually do it crocheting which gives you a little bit more control and I think it looks a little prettier on the front and on the back. And here's how you're going to do that. You're going to use your crochet stitches both vertically and horizontally as your guidelines to make the letters. So bring the yarn through and slip stitch it up. So then you take it up to the next stitch if I'm going to go up, grab the yarn, pull it through and up. Grab the yarn from the back, pull it through to the front. And you're creating a line going right up your work. Doing it after you're done with your crocheted piece gives you a lot more control than trying to actually knit it or crochet it into the piece at the time that you're doing the work. You don't like how it looks, you got it in the wrong place, just pull it out, do it again. Move it over. It's really easy to adapt to any shape that you want. I'm Jan and that's how you add words or letters onto a crocheted blanket.