Video transcription

Hi! My name is Dane Teixeira, the president of the Broward County Darting Association. We're here at Archies West Practice Facility talking about playing darts. In this clip, I'm going to show you how to play solitaire darts. First of all, darts is a game of competition so there's not much competition against yourself so what you'll do is there is a game of 501 which you start with 501 points and subtract your score all the way down 'till you end at a double which is on 0. And to play solitaire dart, what I've done is develop this scheme where I score 60 points every time my imaginary opponent plays and I have to either equal or beat the score every round and if I don't then of course I'll lose the game. But dart is a game of getting better and if I can take my scores and I can better this just as an example. If you're a higher level player, you might want to take this number and make it it a higher number. If that's your goal of where you would like to get to but I've taken this number as an average and try to beat this number every time when I play. And that way if I do this consistently I have a fairly decent idea of how good I am going to be because I have developed the game that can play within the game. I'm going to show you a couple of examples of how exactly to play solitaire darts. So, here we are and I'm just trying to get, I'm trying to get a here to score points to equal the points like I showed on the dart board just a little earlier in this clip. So, so what you do it's it's a game of practice and darts is a game of repetition so if the more you have time to do it and throw is the more repetition you have and obviously the better you will become at playing darts. So, taking this little example I gave you if it's something you have time to do then you do it more often and the better you will become. Once again, this has been Dane, thank you for watching.