Video transcription

This is Stacey and in this video I will show you how to make a rocket ship from a plastic bottle. The materials are a plastic bottle, tape, scissors and I chose red, white and blue construction paper. The first step is to cut your paper to match your bottle and then you're going to wrap it around your bottle and you're going to tape the ends or if you prefer, you could glue it. Now you're going to cut a fourth of a piece out of a different color paper and you're going to make a cone-shaped. Just ford the sides together and then you're going to tape it. Now you're going to cut the top of the cone-shaped off; make sure you have; make sure you measure it with your bottle to make sure that you have enough. Just cut it off; this will go on the top of your bottle. Now we are going to put the cone on top of the bottle and we're going to tape around it. Next stop, cut triangles out of the red construction paper to make the fins for the rocket ship and you will then take them on. Now that the rocket is finished, it is ready to be decorated.