How to Replace the Drive Belt on a Rear-Drive Lawn Mower

Video transcription

Hi, I'm Mark Bauer with Bauer Small Engine Repair and I'm going to show you how to change a lawn mower rear wheel drive belt. First ting you want to do is make sure your spark plug is disconnected. Then you want to remove the blade. I already get that lose, so just unscrew that; set that out of the way. This particular one uses some washers and there's a, there's a wave washer and then there's a flat washer and you just want to make sure that you have all those in the same order. So to avoid any gas work later, just simply take the blade off, put that back on there. Put, put your bolt back on there, screw it up all the way and that will hold all these parts in place. You won't worry about losing that in those washers. There's some bolts that hold these cover and I've already removed them. So you take this; you unbolt it and you just simply take that out of your way. That's the belt, this is basically a belt cover slash deck baffle; so this, does a little more than just protect the belt. Most belt covers now are plastic. They also have a belt guide built into them on each side, as you could see. This one has a lot of wear on both sides of the belt guide. This would be; as long as it's not worn all the way through, I would say you can go ahead and use this again. But after the, this wear all the way through, it can allow that belt to flop around. This basically keeps the belt on the pulley and it, and it lessens the chance of this belt coming off the pulley. You could take the belt off without removing all this. You go to the back, you simply lift the belt off, off of the pulley. You want to put it on the engine pulley first. So you just simply put it on the engine pulley, then bring that back around the pulley. Make sure that, that it fits on there properly. So once you have rebuilt in place, you need to reinstall the belt cover and like this is a very large belt cover because it also has some baffling in there for the deck. So, it's a little trickier to get on there. You want to make sure the belt is, is inside and doesn't catch on there. Okay, once you get this up close, push the belt in on the pulley. You kind of si, you simultaneously push that on there and it'll, that's how you put the belt cover back on. And then you simply bolt the bolts back on there to hold that cover on. And you'd take your blade, put it back on and that's how you change your belt on a rear wheel drive lawn mower.

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