Video transcription

Hi I'm Curtis Martin from Wilmington, North Carolina and Martin's Custom Woodworking and today I want to show you how to apply tung oil to a piece of wood. This is a piece of mahogany we just finished sanding as a sample board and we sanded it with 200 grit paper to finally get it really nice and smooth and now we are going to apply the tung oil. We are going to put a fairly liberal amount on there, just pour it right on the wood directly on. There is two ways to apply it. You can use a cotton rag like this one. You can rub it in circular motions until you saturate the piece. You'll see it start to drink it up as the more you rub. It will just, the pores of the wood will grab it and start soaking it in. As you apply the wood it will start to become drier and drier the more you wipe it. What you want to do with tung oil is let it sit for about 24 hours, come back the next day and you'll apply a second coat. If this were the next day we would want to come back the second day, apply some oil on to a piece of paper, sand paper. This sand paper is 600 grits, really fine. It is actually being used to sand the wood, the fibers and also push the oil deep into the cells of the wood. It gives it a much deeper, richer look in the long run. This sand paper is acting just like the cotton cloth does only it is working the wood a little better and giving you a lot better finish in the long run. Again this would be a second, third, fourth coat. With tung oil you can put multiple coats on. I mean the more you put on the better it is going to look and the more you do this it is like anything else the more you do the better it looks. As you rub it you're going to sand it then you want to come back with a dry cloth again and buff it back off and you'll start to see the depth and the clarify of the wood as that oil takes its, the effect on the pores and also as it starts to dry the multiple layers you put on, like I said after three or four days you'll start to notice a nice level sheen and a nice build up of the product and it will give you good protection also from everyday use but the thing about tung oil is it gives you a real deep lustrous look from the wood as long as you are not using any kind of stain or any kind of lacquers over that.