Video transcription

Hi, I'm Curtis Martin in Wilmington, North Carolina at Martin Custom Woodworking and I'm going to show you how to make things out of wood. First of all, what you need are, obviously, some wood, wood pieces. The second thing you know, need to do is have a little bit of knowledge about wood and wood safety for tools and things. Preparation of wood, you want to make sure your wood is kiln dried properly to about an eight to ten moisture content, preferably, depending on the area or country you live in. When you work with wood, you've go to understand it's hygroscopic, it gives off and takes on moisture all the time, so it moves, you've got to take that into account. Whatever you're building, if it's a tight fit like something like this box, you've got make sure you've got a little bit of allowance for the joinery to come together. You've got understand your joinery of what you're going to put together, how you're going to put it together. There's all kinds of, there's a Miter joint here, the Dowel joint here, we can use. There's Mortis and Tenon joinery like this, there's all kinds of things you can move depending on your level of experience in wood. So making things out of wood is basically understanding your product and then having a good set of plans and working through them from start to finish. Start off simple and then as you get more advanced you can get to more complicated projects. Things like miniatures, tables like this, or again, like this inlay, all the boxes that have the inlay around the edges and the joinery. So the basic thing about wood that I would say is, make sure you get a good product to work with. You understand it's properties and you can be safe with it. Because there's a lot of tools in the shop that can hurt you and safety is one of the main things you'll learn and should learn, before you get started.