Video transcription

Deleting your history on AOL. This is very similar to deleting your history in another browser except for it's specific to this browser. So we've gone ahead and we've downloaded AOL. Once you're in AOL you're going to be clicking on the safety tab and going down to settings. Once you're in there you'll see a window that pops up that says AOL settings. Inside of here we're going to click Internet properties. And you can see clear my footprints tab up top is selected. So what we're going to do is we're going to either select your footprints to clear, and you can choose to clear browsing history, clear cookies, browser cache or blocked pop-up list. If you want to clear all selected footprints you can just click select whatever ones you want to clear and hit clear a selected footprints or you can choose individual ones by hitting the clear button next to each option. So we're going to tell it to delete all the ones that we've selected. Once it's done with that it'll close. Or you can just click clear my footprints and it'll go through and delete all of them. Then you click save. And you can close out of that window. If you're using a different browser you may want to find out how to specifically clear the cookies or delete them within that browser.