Video transcription

Hi there, welcome back. We are now going to learn how to make a windmill out of a plastic bottle. This requires a little bit of physics which is going to be fun. I'm just taking an old Talking Rain bottle. You can see by the bottom of it the, there, there's these bumps here. We're going to be, we're going, we're just going to take that bottom part off and we'll make a windmill out of that. Here it goes; see I'm cutting with the serrated edge of the knife toward the table so that I don't cut myself. Alright, now there's one. Okay, so what I have created now is this windmill; this little windmill turbine. If you try to hammer this through, it will just crack the plastic. So we're going to drill a hole out and then you, and then use the nail to go through. So we'll be drilling right in the center, right here. The more on the center, the better. Now where to work; you want to round the hole out so that the nail doesn't catch. Let's try this nail in here. Oh that's a nice spin, it's going to spin very easily. Okay, let's try this out. Now we're going to take a stick, just like this so that we can pound it on the ground acting as the windmill tower. Now the next thing we need to do is go back into the recycle bin and pull out the bottle that we just cut up and going to use the scissors just to cut this label off here and using the scissors, I'm going to create this clear of back weight for the windmill. You want to build a slide smoothly on our windmill tower. Here we go, just a little piece of plastic there. We got a windmill tower right here and we're going to want to just; we want to secure this onto the windmill tower so that none of this little small little hang ups on the plastic will catch so that it'll spin smoothly. So I'll, I will use this tiny little tacks right here to secure this plastic shield and use a hammer. Make sure it's very flat. Okay; maybe clean it up a little bit with the scissors and then we're going to insert the windmill. Put it back, put it in the tack through this little hole here and we'll just put it right in the center of the shield and tack it in.