Video transcription

Hi there, we are back and we're learning how to make bottle toys and this is going to be a bottle doll. Now we're just using some elementary pieces here. The more time and energy I have to put into this dog, the better it will look obviously. And whether you're using markers or fabrics, you can coat the dog and color it in. But what we're going to start with is one big bottle for the body and then two hands and two legs. Let's see, we will start by taking the labels off just as we do our, all of our bottle toys. We're going to build, take the tops of off these ones because we're going to actually screw them to the, the body. So, we want to put holes in the body. Now to put holes in the body, maybe using a drill and this is a seven inches bit; use about one inch diameter holes; so we're going to, we're going to place the arms underneath the, look good right about there and the other one and let's see how does that fits. Looks like it's going to get through. Here we go, here's one leg and let's give them some arms here. Alright, starting to look like someone. We're going to want to take the bottle top off here and I actually have a pre-drilled bottle top, but that's basically what you want to do is just put a, put a hole about that size. I have got a plastic surgical glove. You can use a balloon or, or glove is fun because it has hair. I'll feed this through, through the top. Okay, I'll close it up there and we're going to twist it up here and then we're going to take this surgical glove then spin it on. Here we go. And with just a nice permanent marker, we can give this doll some features.