Video transcription

Making fragrance oil is really easy, all you have to do is decide what you want it to smell like. You can use flowers, herbs, fruit, anything that you want, I'm using lilac from my front yard. You just take the plant material and stuff it in a dark jar, which is really important to use dark, because sunlight breaks down the oils and it won't last very long. Once you fill the jar, full of the plant material, you can take sweet almond oil, olive oil or even your basic vegetable oil, and fill the jar. And once it's filled, you can cap it tightly and put it in a cool dark place, like maybe some place in your basement. Test it every once in a while, and when it has the strength of the fragrance that you want, your oil's complete. And you can use it in anything from bath to making other oils, or other products, using it for bath salts or anything that you want. And that's how to make fragrance oils.