Video transcription

Hi, this is Dr Loretta Ciraldo, from, board certified dermatologist, and author of " Six Weeks to Sensational Skin." Let's talk about how to remove skin tags. Basically, that term skin tag, refers to a growth of the skin, which typically is in the form of a hanging piece of skin. Sometimes they can be pigmented, so that they can look brown, or sometimes they're just fleshy. Skin tags are commonly found on our neck, under our arms, in our groin, really in the creases of our skin. When you see a physician to have them removed, and they don't need to be removed by the way, unless they're bothering you, whether they're unsightly, itchy, tender. When we remove them, it's very good to try to get them by the roots, so typically what the dermatologist will do, is to inject your skin with a little bit of Novocaine to numb your skin, and then either cauterize them,or burn them off, or take a scalpel and cut them off by the root, and typically these polyps will heal within five to seven days.