Video transcription

Hi, this is Doctor Loretta Ciraldo from, board certified dermatologist and author of Six Weeks to Sensational Skin. Let's talk about if skin tags can become cancerous. Basically, what you need to know is that the term "skin tag" really refers to a little extra piece of skin that can be hanging. Most typically we see them on the neck, under the arms, and in other areas which are called our flexor areas, or areas where skin may be rubbing. In my thirty years as a practicing dermatologist, I have had one person who came in to me who had what appeared to be a skin tag, which I biopsied. And on biopsy, it did show squamous cell carcinoma. Now, that means that there have been thousands of skin tags I've removed that haven't been cancerous. But I want you to remember, number one, if you go to have skin tags removed, do ask the doctor to send one model one, one example one, for a biopsy just to be sure that this is a benign process. And again, as we dermatologists always say, if anything is changing, even if it's a skin tag, bring it to your doctors attention for a possible biopsy.