Video transcription

Hi I'm Joe Harpole. I handle hardwood for Pro Care here in Nashville. I want to talk for just a little bit about maintaining vinyl floors. The vinyl floors that I've worked with really just in a couple of places. I worked with vinyl floors in schools, waxing and polishing. Schools like hospitals are very high traffic areas that require a fairly inexpensive and very durable floor. The care for vinyl floors in schools basically is to dust mop on a regular basis and annually or semi annually polish with wax. Every so often it will be sprayed buffed with a solution similar to wax. Just to brighten up the shine. And then every few years the wax gets stripped off the floor and re-polished. Old wax is taken up that's faded and new wax is put down. The kind of dust mop that's used for high traffic areas like a school or a hospital is a much bigger dust mop then this. It may be five, six feet wide. One of those hairy things you've probably saw in school growing up. This is much more like what's used on a hardwood floor. Or a very small floor like your kitchen. But if you are going to use one of these, make sure you don't use this on your hardwood floor. Keep these separate. This is very good for either the hardwood floor or the vinyl floor, don't mix them in. You don't want to contaminate what you put on the hardwood floor with what you put on the wax floor which is your vinyl floor. Whatever wax or acrylic product you put down. The only other vinyl floor that I have handled besides the one in school is in the kitchen. Every once in a while the boss will have me get down on my hands and knees and scrub. Especially if I'm the one who's been spilling the coffee. But you know how that goes. It's pretty straight forward.