Video transcription

how do we normally get rid of fleas on cats. Well basically getting the fleas off the cat is only one part of the problem. There's two other things you also have to recognize. The fleas, how the fleas got on him in the first place and then the fleas in the house and on other cats. So it's not only that you want to get rid of the fleas on the cat, but you also want to get rid of fleas on all your cats and get rid of the eggs and the larvae that might be in the house or on the bedding. Most of the time if you have an indoor cat, they really shouldn't be getting fleas at all because there's not exposure there. But unfortunately if you have a dog, a dog might bring the fleas in and then get the cat exposed. So the easiest thing you can do about getting rid of fleas on cats, there are several products that are just spot ons or that they are pour ons such as Frontline Plus or there's another one called Advantage, there's Revolution, there's several of these products that are done once a month. And you just take this and place it behind the shoulder blades but you have to do it down on the hair, on the skin of the cat and not on the hair itself. Which is very important. Sometimes it might take two people on some point that would be the easiest way to go just because applying it could be a bit of my problem. There is a way to identify fleas on a cat, sometimes people don't know that they just see their cat scratching they don't know whether or not it's really fleas or not. A very simple way is I usually use what this is called a flea comb. It's a very stiff bristle, they are very solid they can't bend. And you just stroke these through the cat's hair and as you are doing that you pick up a lot of hair but if you had any fleas they wouldn't be able to go through the teeth of the comb. What also is important sometimes when you are combing cats is that the fleas lay their eggs or feces of fleas is a little black speckled, it's what we call flea dirt. And flea dirt is easy to see to sometimes. Tim you don't have any fleas I know. But if you take a cat and you look on their belly sometimes where the hair is thin you can actually see the fleas down there or look for the dirt. Many times cats will also be scratching or having problems along their back, down by the base of their tail and they might, you might be able to see fleas there or the dirt. So getting rid of the fleas in a cat, one getting off the cat, out of the environment and reduce the new infestation by treating all the animals.