Video transcription

Hello. My name is Dr. Robert Hernandez. I'm a psychologist in Miami, Florida, and I'm president and owner of Lafafalu Retreat House. Well, the other question I've been asked: well, doctor, how about if I sleep too much? Sleeping too much is also a sign that something might be wrong. This is called hypersomnia. In my practice, it's attributed to forms of depression. So if you're getting more than eight or nine hours of sleep, and you're still waking up and you're not feeling as fresh as you should, the first thing you want to do is you want to get a physical checkup, because a sign of too much sleep could be a sign of a physical disease or disorder. If you come back from your doctor saying "Everything is A-OK," then you're probably dealing with symptoms of clinical depression, and that could be treated by a licensed psychologist or a psychiatrist with use of medication management. But again, the studies do indicate that a mixed dosage of cognitive behavioral techniques, analytical psychology, and a good psychiatrist with medication management could help reduce the symptoms of hypersomnia.