Video transcription

I'm Angela and I swim for Eagle Aquatic Team in Salt Lake City, Utah. Competitive swimming has many rules that you need to follow at a race. Each stroke has its own set of rules an certain techniques that you have to follow to keep the stroke legal. For freestyle, you can pretty much do every anything you want, that's the one where it's kind of up to you but you just have to make sure that you leave after they strike the buzzer and hit the wall. Back stroke you have to make sure that you stay on your back at all times except for your flip. Breast stroke and butterfly they have special rules just for their turns, you have to make sure you hit it with two hands and you when you come back you have to come off at a 90 degree point before you start your swimming again. For butterfly, you can't do flutter kick. For breast stroke you can't do flutter kick or a dolphin kick either. For starting techniques, you have to make sure you leave after the buzzer starts of course and then hit every wall, you can't touch the bottom or any wall or lane line. There are four strokes and each stroke has its own set of rules. Freestyle, back stroke, butterfly and breast stroke. Butterfly kicks remember keeping both feet, feet together, connected at the ankles, the knees and then you have to move at a connected motion. Also, for butterfly you have to make sure your hands come out at the same time and enter at the same time. If you don't do that, you can get disqualified and your race won't count.