Video transcription

Hi my name is Tim Duke with Premiere Detailing located here in Orem, Utah and I'm going to show you how to remove fish smell. And what happened here is we spilled, we went to the grocery store and had some fish and a little bit of the juices spilled onto the carpet here from one of the grocery bags leaked out. So you're going to start by spraying it all down with a citrus based cleaner degreaser, just helps start the process of breaking things down. And then we've got nylon brush, it's pretty stiff, and just kind of go over things with a lot of agitation. You can also use a towel or some sort of buffing pad if you have it or a sponge. Just a lot of agitation, different patterns, degrees, apply various sorts of pressure and then kind of buff over it with a white towel so you can what progress you're making. And that's from our citrus degreaser. Pulling that much out. And then we've got an enzyme based cleaner we're going to spray on here and the enzyme cleaner you kind of want to do the same thing, just agitate it in and what that's going to do is it's going to break down all the fish oils and everything like that so they can be vacuumed up and extracted out of the carpet. Just heavy agitation again. And then buff over it with your nice clean towel and you can kind of see the progress you're making. And that's after the enzyme cleaner, it pulls out a lot more. So you want to continue this process until the smell dissipates. Let it dry, leave your windows open and vacuum over it a couple times. Make sure you've pulled everything out because it's still going to be a little bit damp. And then if the process needs to be repeated, just do it continually until the smell is gone. And that's how you remove fish smell.