Video transcription

Today we're going to cut and sew us a cushion to upholster this piece of foam with. First step we want to do is measure our foam. It's going to be 11 by 15. We've got our fabric laid down. I've got it folded double for my top and my bottom, I can cut out at one time. With this being a solid fabric we don't have to worry about matching up a pattern or stripes or anything like that. We've got our fabric folded double. Do a top and bottom. Lay it down smooth, take a yard stick and you can kind of smooth it out, keeping the salvage straight. You also, we have to remember, it's a good thing to remember when we're cutting out our patterns that we have to allow for our seam. So we're going to make a straight line on this one just to give us a good straight edge to pull off of. We go down to 12, that gives us a 1/2 on each side. Draw us a line. We've got us a square there. And then we'll measure our foam for the width. Put us a mark at 4. That's our 1/2 seam. 3 inches plus a 1/2 on each side for our seam. It's long enough to go all the way around. We'll start our boxing here on the side. Always remember your 1/2 inch seam. Keep your fabric flat and tight. Take your scissors, clip your corner so it'll flow around. Always try to keep your boxing turned straight and flat. It's a good idea sometimes to reach behind your work and pull it through the machine, help it pull through the machine not actually pull it, but just help it walk through the machine. Especially on lightweight fabrics. Clip your corner. Back tack it at the end. You fold those corners together to where that corner will be coming out. Walk it straight across, take your scissors, notch your corner. That's the secret to a box cushion. When we go to sew our top to our cushion we'll make sure that the parts that we marked "front" are together. Push our thread back, ease it through there. We want to sew it about a few inches past, stop it off. We take our cushion and just turn it inside out through the space that we left in the back. Take your fingers and poke your corners out. You can always look at your corners and see what they look like. As long as you had your notch right they'll stay right in there. Take our foam. Most of the time we'll wrap this with a polyester but in this case we're just going to stick it in. After you've got it stuffed, you just take and lay it down in there flat. And there you go. A simple box cushion.