Video transcription

What are the causes of foot cramps? There is several causes of foot cramps or cramps in general. One could be dehydration, two could be overuse that you've done an exercise like let's say you've done a lot of calf raises, you've over use it. Now, when you contract your calf it causes a cramp. Another one is, besides the dehydration typically comes with a low electrolytes, magnesium or calcium. If you don't have enough of those in your system, they can cause cramps as well. Ways to prevent cramps is to make sure that you have plenty of water in your system, that you're well hydrated, two, that you do a nice stretch routine, nice warm up and stretch of your muscles before you, before you train them. As well as stretch them after you've train them and to make sure like a Gatorade or some type of electrolyte replacement drink if you're working out longer than 90 minutes.