Video transcription

I'm William Perkinson and I'm here to tell you how to measure for a toilet seat. The good news is that toilets really; residential toilets, only come in two shapes; round and elongated. So even though there's different designs; some are padded, some are different colors; they're really basically two sizes. The way you determine that is you do a little measurement. First of all if you can, you can eyeball it and the seat should look fairly round. That would be a your standard seat or your elongate it. To measure it, put our measuring tape to the center of the hose in the back; measure to the front of the bowl; this one's 16 1/2 inches; that would be a round. The elongated would be two inches longer than that. They're fairly inexpensive; regular round toilet seats, just a few dollars at a large discount retailer. But if you're looking to update your bathroom, quick and easy way is; with a new toilet seat, it's easy to change out with some plastic covers sheets, you pop up; you'll need one slot headed screw driver. They're plastic screws that went through the base of the bowl and you can have the whole procedure done in less than ten minutes. It's fairly easy, fairly inexpensive and give you a good quick look in your bathroom. I'm William Perkinson and that's how to measure for a new toilet seat.