Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tim Gipson, I'm going to talk to you about what are electrical wiring codes. Now, most municipalities across the country have adopted the international building code, which also includes the international residential code. So there's the code that applies specifically to commercial construction, and a code that applies specifically to residential construction, and particularly on the electrical systems that are located commercially and residentially, they tend to be a little bit different, so there are some unique aspects to that. Now, with the electrical code, there are minimum standards that are required, and some of this has to do with providing consistent power through out the home, but also to provide safe wiring and safe praxes to ensure fire safety, or fire protection. And part of this is a combination of regular one twenty voltage wiring that comes in to the house, and also low voltage devices that you would find, such as smoke detector systems, or alarm systems, or such like that. So, whenever new construction is planned, or renovations that involve electrical circuitry are planned, what it requires is that you pull those plans together, it typically requires a licensed electrician, or some kind of sworn statement that the home owner is going to be doing certain renovations. And with renovations, or changing circuitry, there is a scope of work that home owners are allowed to do, and then there's a certain scope of work that only licensed electricians are allowed to do. And if you have questions about that, you can contact your local building codes department, and they can guide you through what those various constraints are for what you can take on as a home owner, and what will require a licensed electrician. So when ever you're planning to either develop new construction with electrical components, or do a renovation that has electrical components, you will need to submit plans and get approval from your local codes department to make sure that your plans meet the minimum building code standards. So, I'm Tim Gipson with some information on electrical codes.