Video transcription

Hi I'm Tim Gipson and I'm going to talk to you about how to replace a cabinet door. Now one of the ways that we can achieve a newer look in our kitchen without having to go through the expense of replacing all the cabinetry is you can just upgrade the doors or you might have a circumstance where you have had a door that has been damaged. Now most of the kitchen doors that are installed today are installed on these European hinges and to remove these they have a lock in lever in the back of the hinge that allows you just to disconnect the hinge on the door from the connection on the cabinet. So if you can look very closely you can see that there is just a button on the back that locks this hinge into place. So once we remove the door we're able to find if it is a stock door and you are able to, if you are just replacing the door that has been damaged or you are completely replacing all your doors to get a different look all we need to do is take this part of the hinge and remove this hinge that's attached with these Phillips Head Screws. So once we do that this hinge will pop out of the door. As you can see there is a recess that has been drilled into the door with two attach points and what we can do when we have our new door is that we want to measure up to the center from the bottom of the door to the center and in this case it is 4 and 1/4 and then we also want to measure to the center which if I measure to the center of this one it is about an inch from the face. So we can lay out an inch or lay out these dimensions on our new door and then either using a plunge router such as this and with a 35 millimeter special bit which this is called a Forstner bit which drills a flat round hole such as this to the depth. You can either use a router or a drill press. We can redrill these holes into the new door and then come back and install our hinges back in and by doing that you would be able to take these doors and then pop them right back on to the connection points in the cabinet without having to go through a lot of extra work. So again it is very easy to do you just make sure that you get your dimensions, transfer those dimensions to the new door, drill a 35 millimeter hole and you want to make sure that you set that depth so you don't go all the way through the door but just enough to receive that hinge and then they'll pop back in place. So I'm Tim Gipson and that's how to replace cabinet doors.