Video transcription

Hey! It's Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert here and I'm going to show you how to capture your home movies from your camcorder unto your PC. Guess what? Beautiful, easy way to do it but you do need a fire wire input. Now, this FireWire here has got two ends, it's got this smaller end that's a mini version, it's kind of cribbed at one end and the FireWire 400 that we're all familiar with. And guys, it as simple as making the connection. Here on the camcorder here, after we open up the access port you can see that's a little place. Now, there's a lot of little mini-connectors but one has the FireWire symbol and it's obviously for FireWire, and we're going to plug it right in there . If you put in the hole and it doesn't fit, you probably go the wrong connector. And now, we've got the FireWire out here and we're going to plug it directly into the FireWire input here, into the back of the computer. Now, at this point you launched your favorite dubbing program, whether it be Windows MovieMaker or an Adobe product that you're fond of and you can go ahead and launch it. Now, the neat part about using FireWire is, is that now you're computer has complete control over your camcorder, meaning it can pause, play, rewind, fast forward, search. So, you don't have to mess with this and queue things up, you can control it all from the control port in your favorite video editing program. There you go, rewind it, set it to record, come back, it'll record in real time, meaning, if it takes an hour to if you got an hour footage it'll take an hour to record, you can come back, burn off the DVD for grandma, edit it up to win that next motion picture award. Who knows? It's up to you. I'm Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert sayin', stream you later.