Video transcription

You know there's about a million firefighters in the United States of America. Out of those million, approximately one hundred thousand receive a pay check for what they do. Hi I'm Captain Joe Bruni. Have you ever wondered how much a career firefighter makes? In the year two thousand six the average median range for a firefighter salary in the United States was anywhere between thirty thousand and fifty five thousand dollars a year. The lowest ten percent were as low as twenty thousand dollars a year annually, a starting pay. And as high as sixty five thousand dollars a year annually for a topped out level firefighter. Most career firefighters come in at an entry level of a certain wage and then have to go through so many years or so many steps as we call them to receive the top level pay. Supervisors and fire inspectors such as lieutenants, captains and chief officers make quite a bit more money then the entry level firefighter. The top level firefighter will make approximately two to three thousand dollars less then the first line supervisor which would be a lieutenant or a captain. Many career positions also come with other benefits such as health insurance and some type of pension. Becoming a career firefighter are a growing process but is well worth the hard work and the dedication that is involved. I'm Captain Joe Bruni stay safe.