Video transcription

Foreign languages are in your ability to learn. It depends on your interest level, depends on your desire, depends on your need. Because a lot of times people just want to go to a class and look out the window and hear someone who really doesn't speak the language fluently, explain to them some of the rules and that sort of thing. In the end you don't learn from that, you need something that's going to immerse you in it, you need to use probably a taped system so that you can practice constantly and privately and then get in with some people that really do know how to speak the language. You need to realize that there are as many different dialects in foreign languages as there are in the United States and that a lot of times Spanish to one person is not the same as to another person. It's interesting to think back when I took Spanish in high school in Iowa. It was a totally different experience at than now being in Texas where we have so many Spanish-speaking people that you hear at constantly and it's certainly different than I thought it was when I was in the Midwest in the 60s. So, I think your experience with foreign languages depends on your need and depends on your willingness to spend the time to do it right.